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Installing Matrix with matrix-ansible-docker-deploy

A screenshot of the Keystone UI

Steps that I've taken (following this guide)

  • Set up a DigitalOcean droplet with Debian 11, ssh key linked to my machine, $12 plan (2GB Ram)

  • SSH in to check it has Python 3 installed (it does)

  • Install Ansible on my machine

    • pip3 install ansible --user
    • this installs ansible on my machine but doesn't add it to the path, so cli commands starting with ansible-playbook etc don't work
    • following a post on here I added export PATH="/Users/shantanu/Library/Python/3.9/bin:$PATH" to ~/.zshrc then ran source ~/.zshrc which fixed it
  • Git clone the Ansible playbook from the repo

  • configure the playbook

    • enable ma1sd
    • enable Mautrix Signal bridge
    • enable shared secret (this makes double puppetting possible)
    • enable Appservice Discord bridge
  • run the playbook install script

    • didn't work at first, i think due to issue with Apple Silicon - had to pip install passlib which fixed it
  • run the playbook run script

  • register a user